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Anker 1

About the revolutionary power of love. A small stool stands in the opulent Upper Bavarian landscape. An invitation to question one's own life in terms of self-love. Nine people have taken up the challenge. The youngest of them is 28, the oldest 88 years old. They come from a wide variety of professions. Together we look for a place in nature, as far away from civilization as possible, for an intensive conversation.
On behalf of the audience, these people each reflect on how self-love is faring in their lives, individually and yet in dialog with one another. What influence does it have on my existence that I love myself? What does it depend on whether I can appreciate myself without ifs and buts? What makes it difficult, what makes it easy? What impact does my self-love have on the way we interact with each other and the world? And what would be different if I could love myself a little more?



Director: Susanne Petz & Ralph Gladitz

Camera: Pius Neumaier

Producers: Dominik Utz & Martin SchwimmerCo-producer: Susanne Petz

Production: DOMAR Film GmbH, Die Freibeuterin

Distribution: Die Freibeuterin





Nominated for the Horizonte Film Award at the Five Lakes Film Festival 2021


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