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Anker 1


The regulars' table is a place of passions, longings, fears and political discourse. A place where people spend their free time and which offers people space in their everyday lives to imagine their own happiness. At the centre of this film are people who come together at various regulars' tables and have a special connection to them. These people are not only united by their love of a cold beer or a conversation, but also by a deep passion that they share with one another. Whether in club houses, hunting lodges or living rooms, behind the regulars' tables shown in the film lie deep passions that create intense connections between people.

The film tells stories of animals, physicality, the pleasure of suffering pain, weapons, politics, traditions and the ghostly. Like the stones of a mosaic, one regulars' table differs from another. Only when you look at the finished mosaic picture do you recognize a closed world within it.

Duration: 95 minutes

Production: DOMAR Film GmbH in coproduction with Südwestrundfunk

Funding: MFG Film Funding


Director: Constantin Hatz

Camera: Rafael Starman

Editing: Marco Rottig

Sound: Michael Arens
Sound design: Jan Brett

Assistant Director: Cosmea Spelleken

Editor: Marcus Vetter
Producers: Dominik Utz, Martin Schwimmer


Winner of the Baden-Württemberg Film Prize 2018 - Best Documentary
Nominated for the documentary film award Granit of the Hof Film Festival 2018



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