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Anker 1


Imagine you and your best friends only had 48 hours left together - what would you do?

Emre, a lovable slacker, is approaching thirty without having yet achieved his life's dreams. When he receives a tempting job offer, he has to make a decision over the weekend: do I leave my family, friends and the woman of my life for a new perspective in another country? Or do I stay in tranquil Heidelberg and work towards a house and a fulfilling family life like all the other "philistines"? The answer lies in the wildest 48 hours of his life, at the end of which the moment of truth inevitably lies.

In Preproduction

Duration: approx. 100 minutes

Production: DOMAR Film GmbH

Funding: MFG Film Funding

Channel: SWR

Distributor: Camino Filmverleih


Written and directed by Sedat Aslan

Camera: Mateusz Smolka

Sound: Markus Rebholz

Costume: Juliane Maier

TV-Editor: Stefanie Groß

Producers: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz

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