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Anker 1


The former best friends Laura and Maria have fallen out over a terrible story of deception. They meet again after years of silence on a farm in the Black Forest, where Maria’s terminally ill sister Kathi has retreated. All three women are on the verge of an inner collapse – sometimes comically, sometimes tragically, they force each other to drop their masks until they have to face existential questions and their deeply buried love for each other.

World premiere at the Munich Film Festival 2022

Winner of Bayern 2 and SZ Audience Award 

Nominated for the New German Cinema Award for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Production and Best Acting

Nominated for the German Film Critics' Award - Best Music


International premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2022


Duration: 111 minutes

Production: Schiwago Film, DOMAR Film 

Funding: BKM, MFG, DFFF

Broadcaster: SWR

Distribution: MFA+





Writer & Director: Hanna Doose

Cinematography: Markus Zucker

Production design: Uli Friedrichs

Costume design: Teresa Grosser

Make-up: Faye Ryan

Sound: Markus Rebholz

Music: Kangding Ray

TV-Editor: Stefanie Groß

Producers: Marcos Kantis, Dominik Utz, Martin Schwimmer



Maria: Bibiana Beglau
Laura: Gina Henkel
Kathi: Katarina Schröter
Jan: Alexander Fehling

Michi: Godehard Giese

Max: Jonas Smulders

Niklas: Marc Hosemann



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