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After her butcher's apprenticeship, Mia ran away straight to the big city - but now she has to return to her home town involuntarily. There she meets director Roberto, who has been canceled from the Berlin off-theatre scene and is now trying to secure his financial survival here in the wasteland - hired by Father Iversen, who wants to save the parish of the small village of Winteringen with the help of questionable methods. A grandiose theatrical spectacle is intended to prevent him from having to return to his old life on the Danish island of Falster. But he hasn't reckoned with Mia, who is robbed of her inheritance by his machinations. She persuades Roberto to stage a version of the “Passion of the Christ” that has little to do with the ordered spectacle. The abstruse play is set to propel Roberto into the headlines of all the theater magazines and the parish into the afterlife, as well as the priest out of the village, and becomes a ticking time bomb for all three characters.

In postproduction

Duration: 118 minutes

Production: NIAMA Film in co-production with DOMAR Film GmbH

Funding: MFG Filmförderung, Saarland Medien, DFFF

Broadcaster: SWR

Distribution: Camino Filmverleih



Casting: Stephanie Maile

Choreography: Eric Gauthier
Camera: Matthias Reisser

Sound: Markus Rebholz

Production design: Paula Trimbur

Costume design: Juliane Maier

Make-up & Hair: Faye Ryan & Lucy Fietz

Production management: Maximilian Höhnle

Line Producer: Martin Schwimmer

Music: Christian Dellacher

Editing: Christian Zipfel

Sound design: Bettina Bertók-Thumm

Mixing: Michael Thumm

Creative Producer: Bianca Fischer & Jörg Schneider

Editing: Stefanie Groß

Co-producers: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz

Producers: Thomas Reisser, Marcus Machura

Writer & Director: Alison Kuhn



Roberto: Pit Bukowski

Mia: Homa Faghiri

Father Iversen: Jens Albinus

Nadine: Lou Strenger

Niklas: Jeremias Meyer

Merle: Amelie Gerdes

Anita: Hiltrud Hauschke

Tanja: Bärbel Schwarz

Detlef: Roberto Martinez

Jeremy: Milo Lee Kadner

as guests: Christian Pätzold, Lars Brygmann & Christopher Læssø

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