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Anker 1


A film about the search for the right place. Bintou wants to become a famous seamstress in Africa and Europe, but then she is suddenly asked to take her little daughter, who has been living in a home, to live with her. Nina believes in true love - but it seems impossible between a German and a Burkinabé. Ainssita will go on a trip and explore life in Africa and Europe.

Three stories from Ouagadougou in which cultures collide. Three young women somewhere between tradition and modernity, in a world where boundaries are blurred. In search of a self-determined life.

Duration: 60 minutes

Production: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, DOMAR Film, SWR


Director: Simone Catharina Gaul

Camera: Carina Neubohn

Sound: Dominik Leube

Editor: Jan Bihl

Music: Hannah von Hübbenet, Konomba Traoré

Producer: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz

Editors: Dr. Joachim Lang, Elisabeth Serr

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