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For a few years now, artificial intelligence has been able to imitate interpersonal communication so well that there are people who experience emotional support with it. The observational documentary "Finding Connection" shows us what is special about this hidden world and takes an insightful look at the real needs and hardships of its users.

In production



Director: Florian Karner

Assistant director and production assistant: Marie Bagh, Judith Quast 

Camera: Carina Neubohn, Hannah Schwarzl

Sound: Jan-Eric Heitland

Music: Jannik Ost

TV-Editor: Marcus Vetter, SWR

Producer Filmakademie: Maite Bengsch

Producers DOMAR Film: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz


Production: DOMAR Film GmbH in co-production with SWR and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

with the support of MFG Filmförderung


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