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Cyborg - Man becomes machine?

Missing limbs have been replaced with prostheses for centuries. Artificial limbs with microchips guarantee a new quality of life for people with amputated limbs. Those affected have long since emerged from the shadow of stigma: they take part in international competitions with their high-tech prostheses. Researchers work with them on the vision of overcoming physiological limitations.

But where will this development lead if people develop into technically modified creatures, i.e. cyborgs, in the near future? Is it legitimate to use research findings for the limitless self-optimization of humanity? For example, to be stronger and more efficient?

At the same time, the development of humanoid robots that think independently is gaining momentum. Will they be the counterparts or counterparts of humans who create god-like, immortal beings?


Director: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz

Camera: Pius Neumaier

Editor: Andreas Nicolai

Editor: Gunnar Dillschneider

Channel: SAT.1 Bavaria

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