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Anker 1

We live the future now! – Youth projects in focus

How does life get going again after Corona? How do teenagers and young people manage to find each other (again) and create something together after this long period of stillness and isolation? Through a joint project!


Director: Sally Büthe

Camera: Pius Neumaier & Stephan Rosche

Sound: Björn Rothe, Raphael Knipping, Dominik Lange, Erik Koschnick

Editing: Celina Jacobs

Postproduction: BOA Videofilmkunst

Editors: Lenau Aumüller, Franziska Bornefeld, Edda Laux

Producers: Martin Schwimmer & Dominik Utz

Production: DOMAR Film GmbH on behalf of the German Children and Youth Foundation


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